Eduard Khil

Life achievement unlocked- I got to celebrate the late great Eduard Khil Here!

Marshall McLuhan

Fascinating subject to animate- here's to Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who amongst many things predicted a global village of communication decades before the Internet.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Ah, summer: the sound of leather on willow and! Don't mean to bug you but Jacob Howcroft and I made this small game for the ICC Championships starting today in the UK. We're hopping you enjoy it!

Play the game HERE

Eng: Jacob Howcroft
Art Direction: Matt Cruickshank
Additional Eng: Mark Ivey
Additional Sound Design: Leon Hong
Project Management/Production: Greg Capuano

Development animation and designs here:

LA March 2017

A cracking weekend in LA to see Matt Jones' exhibition. We even managed a few hours painting Venice and The Warehouse District, as well as navigating Downtown LA. Thanks to Chris Flynn for the surprise pic!

Skellig Michael

Happy St Patrick's Day from Skellig Michael!! Includes hidden Jedi.

Bessie Coleman

In 1922 Bessie Coleman flew in the face of sexism & racial prejudice to become the first black woman to earn a pilot's license. Because flying schools in the United States denied her entry she taught herself French and moved to France, earning her license in just seven months. Coleman specialised in stunt flying and parachuting, earning a living barnstorming and performing aerial tricks. She died in 1926 whilst rehearsing for a show. She was 34. Here's my animated logo running on the homepage on her birthday, January 26th.

Charles Macintosh

Hats off to Charles Macintosh, the Scottish inventor of the first waterproof in 1823. The "Mac" daddy!

Ole Romer

Light!! In 1676 the Danish astronomer Ole Romer first measured the speed of light.

Science made simple

Date with The Haight!

Figured this Thanksgiving would be a quiet weekend but alas still nearly impossible to paint this street. Friendly but wacky people 24/7!

Sir Frederick Banting

Here's a man who did something amazing. Frederick Banting discovered a way to isolate insulin and effectively treat diabetic patients. Awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1923 his pioneering work led to millions upon millions of lives being enhanced. His birthday is Nov 14th, 1891. Of course, a special mention to my brother Dan who soldiers on with Diabetes every day without fuss x

Unimportant stuff

Here's some stuff from the sketchbooks. I like the E painted on the window of 2nd St Storage. Plus- here's our digs in New Orleans and Shark photographs from Cafe Revolution in The Mission.

New Orleans

3 days in New Orleans- Best city, people, music and accents in all the US! Keep movin' or be deep fried.